We have a beta…and more!

We have a beta user!

This week marked an incredible milestone for effy as we on-boarded our first live user to the platform.

Last week, myself and Norma were incredibly nervous about going out and getting people on the system. Why? It was one of those moments you feel completely exposed and vulnerable, you’re idea and hard work becomes open to real life scrutiny. It’s okay to scrutinise it yourself in your own controlled environment but when it’s put into the public domain your concept becomes a reality, a reality that could potentially destroy your moral in a matter of minutes. When you compare that to the months of time, sacrifices and inevitably tears making it a reality it’s both an exciting and nerve wrecking experience. Thankfully, despite our nerves all went to plan and we had great interest from our beta user. Our weeks mission was accomplished. Here’s us all excited after all our angst had washed away. However, our excitement quickly turned into another boost of energy to achieve our next goal.


This was such an important juncture for effy as it not only lets us validate our product in a real life setting, but it allows us to see how users interact with the platform on a day to day basis. From this we can learn how to better improve the product and discover what selling points we should focus on going forward. We are due to meet with the beta user mid week and evaluate how last week went.

Secondly, effy entered an application to take part on the Startup Next Dublin. Startup Next,a Techstars program, is the #1 startup pre-acceleration program in the world. It prepares startups for accelerators and seed investment, by providing high quality mentorship and leveraging a global network of investors, mentors and founders. effy is very excited to be taking part on this programme in furthering and strengthening our growth. Such a high calibre programme will definitely put us through our pace and open our eyes to what exactly is needed to ensure our survival.

While we had good news this week it didn’t transpire from nothing and wasn’t a matter of luck. We have been busy putting in the work to achieve these milestones. Throughout last week and previous we have been preparing for these milestones and preparing the necessitites to make them as transitional as possible. We use them to achieve our next objective, we are forward focused at all times and know whats at stake.

It’s very easy to stay behind your computer and lose sight of the market. That’s why every week we make it our business to go out and meet some people from the startup ecosystem. Meeting these people focus us more and give us insights into unventured territories that can help us going forward. It’s all about moving forward. First, we met with our Local Enterprise Office for some information around funding and soft supports. We also met with the David Tighe, Head of Innovation at Bank of Ireland who provided some thought provoking questions on our startup and our plan of action. David was very kind to be able to point us in the right direction and set up some further meetings to steer us down the right path. We then met with our Executive Director to talk through our findings and put in place a plan to keep us on track. We then met with other entrepreneurs and startups going through the same stages. It’s quite nice to have that support network around to chat about ideas and more importantly learn from what others have done.

Behind all the meeting of people and when we were behind the computers we were tidying up our product by making it more mobile optimised to increase user interaction. We were also preparing user manuals and instructions to enhance the on-boarding procedure. We did a full competitor analysis to find our ideal target market and pulled together some funding application forms.

All in all another busy week, while there may enough hours in the day sometimes there aren’t enough days in the week to get all we want to get done.

Lessons Learnt

Set milestones and make sure you achieve them. There’s nothing more rewarding than hitting them and nothing more frustrating than missing them. Making a plan at the start of the week of what you want to achieve and then breaking it down into day goals ensure we stay on track. Crossing off a to do item is nearly as rewarding as achieving it…according to Norma.

Interesting People this week

David Tighe from Bank of Ireland is an absolute gentleman. David is on a mission to help startups succeed and will do whatever he can to help, and he’s doing one hell of a job at it! Make sure you check out all that Bank of Ireland are doing to grow Ireland’s startup scene.

Patrick Guiney is the co-founder of Student Slingshot and we had a quick catch up with him this week. Patrick is revolutionising the way second level students pick their future careers by connecting them with people who are in the field they are considering. We wish him all the best this week with Student Slingshot’s 2015/16 launch!

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