Week 1 at effy Solutions

The First Week at effy Solutions!

What a first and busy week at effy Solutions – it was full of fun, networking, work and realisation of the path ahead!

Myself and Norma were fortunate to be landed in the middle of Irelands startup gathering. It was a fantastic week of events, mentoring and valuable learning lessons from some of Irelands finest in their respective fields.The week included some speed networking with the likes of Enterprise Ireland, Delta Partners, Stepping Stone Consultancy and Bank of Ireland. We also attended a Digital Marketing Master class hosted by Barry Walsh from osd.ie. Barry was a true expert in digital marketing and brought it all together with a unique blend of enthusiasm and quirkiness. What was great was Barry’s commitment to following up with us all after the event and supplying an array of resources to help us going forward. We also attended a retail panel discussion in the House of Lords. Here we heard the stories from Carrolls and Tiger about their learnings from their entrepreneurial journey. Overall it was great week full with interesting people and knowledge. It was also great to get a true feel for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in place in Dublin.


Now down to the actual work…

Week 1 was full of little bits and pieces that needed to be done. This included bug testing our software, making it more user friendly and intuitive, preparing pitch decks, gathering market intelligence, preparing for beta launch and putting live users on the system, application forms for support and funding, video making and attending New Frontiers Marketing and Finance workshops. Check out our effy intro video here

Lessons Learnt

Never underestimate the small bits and pieces – they’re time consuming but essential.
While its difficult to not be selling, its best to wait until everything is in place first.

Interesting People this week

Check out Ian Tilson of fruitysuits who is brining party suits to a whole new level.

We have been basing ourselves out of the Bank of Ireland start up hub at grand canal docks and its proved to be an exceptional resource which we are extremely appreciative of especially in our early stages. We’re looking forward to being around that supportive environment for the next while as we grow.

Until next week! 🙂


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