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Startup Awards night

We at the ‘effy-centre’ have been quite busy in the past few weeks, although working very efficiently (as the name suggest). We are taking part on the Google for Entrepreneur’s Adopt a Start up program, and will be pitching in the semi-final in 2 weeks. We have been polishing our business plan for New Frontier’s, where we just had our final pitch to mark the end of the program. We were recently awarded 3rd place in the Tech category of the National Start up Awards.

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But we are also making a lot of progress on the business side, and that is what this blog is about!

We at effy currently have 2 products: Scheduler and Scheduler+. We are working with a small number of retailers who are testing the Scheduler+, which is all about retail efficiency. But we have some great traction with our Basic Scheduler, as more customers are signing up.

We were at the Retail Excellence Ireland Retreat in Carlow, which was a brilliant event. There was a stellar turnout of retailers from all over Ireland. We had a stand and showed many people a demo of effy at the event, some of which are using effy now! What benefits are they getting you may ask? Below is a bit more detail on our Basic Scheduler product.

The Scheduler makes life a lot easier! One of our customers used to spend 4 hours every week creating their staff schedule. That was half the manager’s week, every week! We have that down to a couple seconds! A huge value add from a product which has recently entered into a more open beta test. If you would like to sign up to be a tester, or want to know more, sign up here.

There are a number of great features in the scheduler that make it great. To name a few

  • Templates – set out you staffing needs, for example, one shift may be that on a Monday, you need 2 employees on the Till from 9am – 3pm. You can create as many schedules as you want, so you can create special templates for Christmas/Bank Holiday weeks.
  • Autofill – Create a schedule in less than 10 clicks and 30 seconds! Choose the template you want to apply to a given week. By clicking Autofill, the template will be filled with employees, taking into account their role, skill and availability. To see Autofill in action, check out the video below!
  • Time & Attendance (optional) – Employees clock in/out for their shift, which is verified using geo-location. This is easily exported to feed into payroll systems.


This month, with the Scheduler product, we have progressed from being a pre-revenue company, to being a revenue generating company! Yay! We have a range of customers using the Scheduler, many of whom are recent additions. It is great to see how they interact with effy: what they like, and more importantly, where we can improve. There are some things that have surprised us since opening up the beta. In particular, the types of things which customers are most interested in when deciding to sign up. While we focus our efforts on organisations with over 10 employees, we were surprised by the number of organisations with less than 10 employees. The value add of effy for them is it ensures they comply with regulation, and it saves the manager serious time where they can focus on their customers and their employees, instead of admin.

While there is not open access to either the Scheduler or Scheduler+ yet, if you are interested in joining us and saving serious time, sign up here.

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