It’s LIVE!

After 10 months of customer testing, 14 months of development and countless months of customer development, effy is live!

effy’s Scheduler

Are you a manager who wastes hours every week creating a staff schedule? Do you have to balance your business’s needs, with the availability of your staff? Then effy’s Scheduler is a perfect fit.

Schedules can be created and shared in less than 10 clicks, and less than 30 seconds, thanks to the Template and Autofill features! Check out the video below to see it in action! What’s more, is that employees can organize shift swaps, which are approved by the manager before updating the schedule. And the schedule can be downloaded as Excel, saving even more time preparing for Payroll!

effy’s Scheduler with Time & Attendance

Want all the essential scheduling features, but also the ability for staff to Clock in/out for shifts? Want an easy way to take all of this information and give it to your Accountant? effy’s Scheduler with Time & Attendance is the best fit. And it doesn’t even require any hardware to be installed!

Our Time & Attendance feature uses Geo-Location on the employee’s mobile phone to verify their location when they Clock in/out. So you can set a specific workplace location if your employees work in the same location every day. Or, if your employee’s location changes, this feature takes a snapshot of where they are when they Clock in/out, so you can verify their location!

effy with Multiple Location

For businesses that have more than one Location, or want to schedule departments separately, then this is the package for them. A useful dashboard allows the manager to compare the locations, in terms of cost or labour hours. And then the manager can deep dive into the individual locations to see more! Sub-managers can also be assigned to manage individual locations/departments.

Coming soon… effy’s Scheduler+!

effy’s Scheduler+ is not yet live. But, it is in testing and we are starting to see some interesting results with the early stage customers we are working with - forecasting demand, and more importantly, identifying areas where improvement can be made to Sales Performance. The Smart Scheduler is all about making retailers more money, by having the right staff, in the right place, at the right time! No longer will they have to sacrifice their sales effectivity or efficiency because of a labor budget. Our innovative algorithms and actionable insights will suggest the best staff schedule to optimize Sales, at the lowest labor cost.

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